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Diamond painting is a very popular handicraft in USA

Diamond painting is a very popular handicraft in USA

Diamond painting is a very popular handicraft that uses small sparkling crystal diamonds to collage images or patterns. The following details the types of diamond painting, the types of diamonds, the contents of the diamond painting kit and the precautions.

First, the type of diamond painting

1. All-round diamond painting

All-round diamond painting is the most common type of diamond painting. In this type of diamond painting, each small diamond is constantly flashing and will echo and interlace with each other. All-round diamond painting usually uses small square or round diamonds, but there are also small diamonds in other shapes to choose from.

2. Part of the diamond painting

In contrast to all-round diamond painting, partial diamond painting uses only a few small diamonds to represent the picture. This type of diamond painting can make the picture more concise, while also showing the beautiful light of the small diamond.

3. Colored diamond paintings

Unlike traditional diamond painting, colored diamond painting uses small diamonds of various colors instead of the traditional clear small diamonds. This type of diamond painting is great for colorful patterns or images.

4. Customize your diamond painting

Custom diamond painting refers to the diamond painting made according to the user's requirements. In this type of diamond painting, small diamonds of different colors, shapes and sizes can be used to collage the pattern or image desired by the user.

Two, the type of diamond

1. Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds are the most common type of diamond. They are mined from deep underground. Natural diamonds have a high degree of clarity and hardness and are very expensive.

2. Rhinestones

In contrast to natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are made by artificial means. Synthetic diamonds are usually cheaper, but do not have the same quality and durability as natural diamonds.

3. Diamond stickers

Diamond stickers are artificial diamonds. They are commonly used in decoration and handicrafts. This type of diamond is relatively inexpensive and can be offered in a variety of colors and shapes.

Three, the content of diamond painting kit

1. Canvas: This is one of the basic components of diamond painting and is usually made of high-quality polyester material.

2. Small diamonds: This is one of the key parts of making diamond paintings. Often made from environmentally friendly resins, these small diamonds are beautiful, shiny and come in a variety of colors.

3. Diamond pen: This is the tool used to paste small diamonds onto the canvas.

4. Background materials: Usually durable cardboard or other materials are used to provide support and protection for diamond paintings.

5. Other auxiliary tools: including sharpener, glue, cleaning cloth, etc.

Four, precautions

1. Be careful when using the diamond pen to avoid dropping or damaging the diamond.

2. If you do not want the background material to be stuck to the diamond, please start the process.

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