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How To Choose Between Square & Round Drill

How To Choose Between Square & Round Drill

Round Diamonds are generally preferred by beginners, as they are easier and faster to pick up and place on the canvas with the applicator.

Round Diamonds are known to have a more sparkly appearance, especially on larger paintings. Our 26 facets Round Diamonds are cut differently from our competitors. They are designed to have MORE sparkle than any other diamonds on the market as others only have 13 facets. Double the facets, double the shine!

Diamonds of the square variety fit together very neatly, with no gaps, and are preferred when creating larger canvases.

Another feature people really seem to like about the Square Diamonds is the satisfying “snap” sound they make when you are close to finished and filling in the gaps. The feeling has been compared to popping bubble wrap, which is arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Special-shaped Diamonds are magical and take your diamond painting experience to the next level. The Special-shaped kits include diamonds with an iridescent coating that mimics the glow of Northern Lights.

Nonetheless, certain mystery Special-shaped Diamond painting kits also include special gems! Our special gems come in different shapes and sizes and are the perfect finishing touch to any artwork.

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